Friday, 24 June 2011

Debating closed minded idiots - avoid it!

Some thoughts.... 

One of the problems with arguing with idiots is that you have to dumb down your speech in a way that they can understand and comprehend. You have to try to teach them. This is a thankless and impossible task as  the reason some people as such closed minded idiots is that their ego convinces them that they are a God and they have been blessed with the knowledge of everything. That's all you need to know to deal with closed minded idiots, simply ignore them. They are angry for psychological reasons. Nearly all men, and materialists. As such they are handicapped by a typically male way of thinking which perverts knowledge of the universe from being assembled. The male way of thinking is, in its simple form, reliant upon practicality, for evolutionary survivalist reasons and only relies upon basic realities which are placed in front of them.

Skeptics have little to no education:

One of the characteristics of various skeptics is their lack of education. They are often entertainers, or magicians, aka, the 'Amazing Randi'. In other words, they are the pot calling what they think is the kettle black. Skeptics have deep rooted issues and usually a diseased mind. 


The best way, I have found, to deal with an idiot of the skeptical type, it to be slightly rude and dismissive. This assists in making them angry. Once they are angry, their true colors can show. Being slightly rude with some underhand remarks is hilarious in itself, and assists in several ways. The skeptical idiot will always start to lash out as soon as they realize that their ego is under threat from new ideas. This will cause them to feel hurt and annoyed. This has a hilarious effect, (stand back), but making them feel they might not know everything is certainly worth it. A side effect is they could start bashing their wife, so go easy. The aim is always to show them new things they may not have encountered, which might be useful for them one day. If they start going off on a tangent, simply accuse them of concocting a straw-man argument and tell them they have have failed. This will trigger some fireworks. Not backing down is an excellent technique as well as all skeptical idiots are on a holy crusade from the atheist creator of the universe to convert everyone to their way of thinking. 

If a skeptical idiot starts to cite 'peer review', simply inform them that their science is only made by one or two people who have written a paper and several others who have approved it. Tell them that one can count these people on one hand and that everyone else is 'peer pressure, not peer review'. This works because it is the truth. One can also say that science changes every ten years, so nothing is sacred. 

Just remember, do not converse with idiots of a closed minded variety, on topics of universal import. Stick to talking about the sport. It is otherwise a thankless task. 


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